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Tall Trees

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Do you want a shade tree and if so what do you really want it for? To cool down a paved area where you like to sit and entertain? To take some of the summer sun off a particularly hot window? To produce an area of shade to allow you to plant shade loving plants or simply add a bit of depth and interest to your garden planting?  Your decision making can be as complicated as you like but my advice is to keep it simple. Plant something you like. It’s likely that you won’t want shade during the winter months. If that is the case, chose a deciduous tree, - one that loses its leaves. Flowers are always nice. So is autumn leaf colour, but if you are planting for shade these need not be top priority. A nice shape with spreading branches is more important. I’ve often found that human factors, not horticultural niceties decide a tree’s fate.  'Tidiness' is often a big issue. Albizzia julibrizzin - 'The Tree of Happiness' or 'Silk Tree' - is the perfect candidate for a shade tree but frequently referred to as, a 'very messy tree'.

Small Trees

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Green Walls & Pathways

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Front Gardens - a most visible section of our properties.   That term, "visible," however, immediately evokes a question:  To what degree do you want your front-yard landscaping to invite public glances in, as opposed to screening them out to afford some privacy? Many strive for a balanced approach. You may wish to create a welcoming feeling here overall, while erecting a small privacy screen. While fencing such as lattice can be used to construct a small privacy screen for a portion of your lawn, people more typically opt for a "living wall” or “green wall” and “green pathways”.  Some are purely decorative, while others serve a practical function. Green walls and pathways are often used as windbreaks, to grow food bearing vines and to add to the biodiversity in the garden.

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