Shelterbelts and Trees


For all their values, trees and hedgerows create a sense of place – they add visual appeal to the landscape.  The variety of shape and colour make trees ideal for large gardens and open landscapes.


Trees are defined by height, shape, foliage and flowers. These are critical components for shaping our outdoor space and provide an attractive environment.   We are all aware of the purely visual aspects of trees but the most important contribution that any tree will make to the garden is the space around it.  The space that surrounds a tree is an important as the tree itself.

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Trees and hedgerows provide shelter and shade, protect crops and reduce soil erosion.  The most effective shelter belts are a combination of native and exotic tree species planted in a wide multi-row design.


The sheltered environment of a mixed species shelterbelt creates a corridor for migrating wildlife, valuable habitat for beneficial insects, birds and forage for bees.

Every region has different reasons for shelter and every property is different in its requirements. Shelterbelts can be planted as a barrier, as a wind filter, or a combination of both.   Maytime is happy to provide information and discuss your requirements.

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