Harnessing the power of plants to create inspiring gardens and waterways 

For quiet dignified shaded gardens where family and friends may gather, fragrant gardens to fill the evening air with soft perfumes, cottage gardens and courtyards, spring bulbs or heritage roses, shelter, trees, pasture and produce, summer salads, micro-greens, vegetables and herbs, orchard fruits, berries, bees and honey, naturalized waterways and wetlands, water quality, habitat, water and soil testing.

Urban Design


Maytime is about the landscaping of urban properties. It involves site investigations of property, discussions with proposers and producing the design that will deliver the desired outcome.

Lifestyle Block Design


You may have purchased your lifestyle block to enjoy the rural views, to relax and enjoy the peaceful environment.  The aesthetic value of open spaces is self-evident. People enjoy viewing and being close to nature.

You may wish to be more self-sufficient and have purchased your lifestyle block to manage as working farm, producing such goods as fruits and flowers, vegetables, herbs and honey; using them in the household or to sell at the local farmers market.    



Naturalisation aims to minimise negative impacts of the built environment on natural aquatic landscapes   i.e. protect water quality and habitat by the establishment of planted riparian margins to waterways and wetlands.

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